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Courtney Cotter

Superstar Consultant


My Story

It all started with the Mother’s Day Warmer “Home is where your mom is” 2018! Paired with a 3 pack of bars- Luna, Just Breathe, and shimmer. Gifted to me from my Mom! She doesn’t even realize it but it’s changed our lives ten fold!

Since joining I have been able to change the course of our life in such a drastic way. If it was not for this company and the opportunities it can create, life would look different today. We would not have extra money to travel, to pay for their extracurricular activities (the millions of them 😅) , the money to go get my daughters nails done. The money to buy my son new baseball, basketball, or football gear each year. The income to make sure Kalli has supportive basketball shoes that fit. The amount these kids grow, and how expensive clothes are these days. You need a side gig just to pay for the outfits for everything.

My point is, without Scentsy we would struggle more. Our mindset wouldn’t be as positive and hopeful. Our day to day would not only STANK (literally and figuratively) , but it wouldn’t be filled with as many amazing people as it is now. Scentsy is a family. The love between Scentsy, my customers, and my coworkers are what most companies wish they could replicate. I would love to help any one of you make your life trajectory change in a positive way. But don’t get me wrong. You have to DO THE WORK! but I promise it’s well worth it.

I mean aren’t you sick of watching me earn free trips for myself and my family?! #ComeToMyScentsy

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